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Welcome to Version 2 of the CS-II eShop for Professional Installers

This site is for authorized professional installers for CS-II USA. If you are a detailer that’s interested in joining the family please link to the Contact section above. We have the best solutions for the discerning detailers that demand more from their coatings. Whether you want true self healing coatings that heal under the sun, a true solution to coat ultra soft paint to make it more scratch resistant, thin paint that is too scary to buff or already compromised clear coat, CS-II coatings are made in the USA. We are a true manufacturer, not a private labeler, and been doing so since 2005. We began as detailers in 1995 and still run a multi-million dollar detailing service today. Our roots are in detailing, and we make products that work with detailers, never giving up the passion that drove us.